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Baudouin de Sonis


Innovative, entrepreneurial and multi-cultural senior business development leader with over 20 years of experience in the communication and ICT sector that includes initiating and successfully managing high profile pan-European and global social projects. Skilled at developing and implementing best in class knowledge management platforms. In-depth 10-year background working closely with the European Commission. Vast experience interfacing with Chinese municipalities and establishing networks between Chinese and European cities. Ability to develop insights and prepare scenarios for future development.

Trends forecaster, used to work on scenarios describing different possibilities for the future.
Geo strategist, I work on the future evolution of the balance of power from the "hard power to the soft power" : dream or reality?

Expériences professionnelles

Associate director


De Janvier 2010 à Aujourd'hui

Create and implement concepts to expand the scope of IERI. Develop and nurture strong relationships with members of civil society organisations.

• Performed role of speaker for numerous democratisation seminars.
• Chaired the mid-term event of the Kazakh Presidency of the OSCE and acted as international observer for the most recent Presidential Elections.

Knowledge manager

GIZ , Pekin

De Novembre 2013 à Septembre 2015

Provide expert assistance and supervision to relevant departments in China and the EU in the development and management of a knowledge platform enabling an exchange of good urbanisation practices between European and Chinese cities. Oversee creation of a bilingual virtual community website dedicated to experts in urbanisation development, virtual communities of practice, and virtual workshops capabilities. Lead daily activities of a bilingual Euro/Chinese team. Assist Tianjin Local Government in enhancing their e-Government platform with CEPA II (China-Europe Public Administration Project II) preparation of the benchmarking plan for 2013-2014.
• Initiated, created and managed a bilingual, high profile virtual community within the framework of a streamlined website.
• Developed a business plan for long-term operation of the knowledge platform covering bilateral city partnerships, corporate sponsorship, and follow-up funding by Chinese city training institutions and MoHURD (Ministry of Home Urban Rural Development).
• Defined methodology to develop a practical knowledge management platform.
• Chaired bilingual working groups on optimising compatibility of 2 very different cultures.
• Assisted the 2nd Seminar on Local Government Forum on Public Service Capacity Development of Local Government of CEPA II. Delivered presentation on Evaluating Citizen Service Delivery and chaired a workshop session.

Directeur executif


De Janvier 2000 à Aujourd'hui

Oversee all functions within the multinational organisation, chair the executive committee and report to the management board. Guide working groups in the domains of privacy, change management, e-ID, secure infrastructure, citizen portals, and e-democracy. Personally manage all Pan-European projects including e-ID, secure infrastructure and semantic web. Manage the Beijing office.

• Initiated, established and directed this 5000-member global NGO funded by the EU.
• Defined methodologies to promote public sector reforms and good governance tools.
• Co-organised and co-chaired the e-Government Forum in Morocco on 3 occasions and chaired sessions on e-governance and benchmarking of e-Public services.
• Chaired the programme committee of the world e-government forum.
• Performed role of subject matter expert for the ICT Finance Market-Place.
• Led organisation’s successful participation in 5 EU funded projects.
• Created an innovative business model that enabled complete sustainability of the organisation after the end of initial EU funding.

Director, partnerships and alliances

BULL (SA) , Louveciennes - CDI TEMPS COMPLET

De Juin 1993 à Juillet 2000

Managed the IT company’s key partner strategy and business development initiatives. Negotiated signed partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and NEC. Generated turnover of €50M through launch of the VSAT offer of Bull in Europe.

Formations complémentaires

Diplome de l'ADE

Academia Diplomatica Europaea - Geo politique

0000 à Aujourd'hui

L’Academia Diplomatica Europaea (ADE) est une institution d’enseignement supérieur spécialisée. Cette institution dispense une formation post-universitaire en matière de diplomatie, de sécurité et de défense. Elle s’adresse aux diplomates, spécialistes de politique étrangère et de défense, hauts fonctionnaires, leaders en affaires internationales, doctorants et chercheurs des universités. L’Academia Diplomatica Europaea délivre un diplôme. De nombreuses conférences ont été organisées depuis sa création. Elles ont réuni un corps professoral composé de commissaires européens, de ministres, d' ambassadeurs, de diplomates, d'officiers supérieurs des états-majors de l'Union européenne et des pays membres, des spécialistes, des académiciens et d'autres professions intellectuelles. La remise annuelle des diplômes de l’Academia Diplomatica Europaea donne lieu, dans les locaux des Institutions Européennes, à une cérémonie solennelle au cours de laquelle traditionnellement sont interprétés l’Ode à la joie de Ludwig van Beethoven et l’Adagio à l'Europe de Didier Van Damme.

GE Leadership Center

GE Jack Welsh Leadership Center - MBA

1989 à 1990

America's first corporate development centre for managers. After legendary GE CEO John F. Welch retired, "GE Crotonville" was renamed after him.
The entire pipeline of GE leaders take courses at GE Crotonville. Examples include: Jeff Immelt, Bob Wright, Claudi Santiago, Eugenio Marin, Nanni Beccali, etc.

LEAP Academy

Political Anticipation

2009 à 2010

Political Anticipation is a tool to:
Be always one step ahead from your future and environment
Reinforce your own strength and survive in this global systemic crisis (amidst currency fluctuations, emerging actors, collapsing markets, etc.)
Enhance decision-making process

Aiming to help you in this process and to increase your capacities, FEFAP (Foundation for Eduaction and Training in Political Anticipation) launches a new edition of the online training program Political Anticipation applied to decision-making.

The training has the following academic objectives:

Facilitate the process of strategic thinking in decision making for business or personal objectives
Provide a comprehensive and practical vision of global fundamentals
Understand and optimize your own future projects and yields according to the objectives
New perspectives , regardless of mainstream media, political and economic dimensions of the global systemic crisis and how it is evolving


Son of the American Revolution


LEAP Academy


Parcours officiels

MGE - Marketing et Gestion des Entreprises


executive director, knowledge manager
international project management
business development, e-administration
political anticipation, geo-strategy
Experience in China
non for profit
Geo Strategy, Geo Finances

Centres d'intérêt

  • Geo politique
  • Geo Finances
  • Geo Stratégie
  • Réchauffement climatique